Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The last few weeks have been crazy busy! Between modeling gigs and working at La Crepeie, I had to finish the paper flowers for the wedding on July 1st and then right after that get on a plane to go and visit family for a week in California. It was a much needed vacation. I was running on empty. I am well rested and I did get all the paper flowers done in time. There were 60 altogether, not including the centerpiece I made as a gift. There is no way I would have gotten these all done in time if it weren't for my best friend Val and the wonderful Steph! Thank you so much you guys :)  Here are some photos of how they turned out!

Set up. All the petals have to be glued on the stem individually and then wrapped with floral tape. Tedious.

I died some coffee filters and used these for the centerpiece roses. The branch I made from gluing wires together and then wrapping them in brown floral tape.

Here is the centerpiece.

Wallpaper petal flowers.

Flowers made from a bible that was given to me. The bible was falling apart because it was made in 1880. 

And there you have it!  I will write more soon.

Until then...
Best wishes,