Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My new Pirate Owl is almost done. He now has his wire legs put in and he has a foot sculpted and a wooden peg leg. He just needs some pants now and a name. I am holding a contest for whomever comes up with the best name. The winner of the best name will get an online coupon for $5 off a lil' nugget owl on my shop: 
(Normally $25). I will make the lil' nugget owl fit your personality and favorite colors too! 

Here are some more progress photos of the pirate owl.

He now has buttons on his jacket and a lovely red colored head scarf.

That's his stuffing hanging out. His foot isn't painted yet either. My Pops helped me make the wooden peg leg.

This photo shows scale. He is a little bit taller than your average wine bottle.  I drink only the best. (hah, yeah right)

Even though Thorvald is a gentleman and an Owl of high stature, he is humble enough to be friends with all, even a Pirate. 

 This is the type of owl I will custom make for you if you win the coupon for $5 off the lil' nugget owl. (Made to order and will not be the exact one shown in photo. Size is 3 and a half inches tall.)

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  1. hmmm...i'm at a loss for names. There is no longer any FREX service so this guy may need to fly up here instead of taking a ride. - Chris Bullock