Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last night I tried to get as much boring work out of the way as I could. I cut out 8 lil' nugget owl bodies and sewed up 4 of them. Also, I named the other lil' nugget. His name is Reginald. When I was first putting him together he looked a little emotionless so, I gave him some eyelids and a fancy scarf. Check him out...

Yesterday morning I woke up to a lovely surprise on my work desk...

Naz's girlfriend/my friend Christine made me some beautiful flowers from yarn. I added them to my antlers in my bedroom above my bed. I love handmade gifts.

I'm going to work on some more lil' nugget owls tonight and there should be some more up in the store shortly.

Until tomorrow...



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  1. hello again:)
    why i can t follow you? dont you have this following option active?
    i am sure more people will be interested to see your creations:)