Monday, May 14, 2012

Whew! Busy couple of days. I spent quite a bit of time on Shannon's Elephant yesterday and had another late night without a nap (I'm like a cat and I need my naps). Today will also be napless. I woke up early and cleaned the warehouse space, took my photo for the day and came into town to work for a bit and meet up with a client for a photography/co-author project. I am very excited! Here are some progress photos of the Elephant so far.

Still a lot more to go...

I mostly just cut our pieces and recut them and then cut them down some more to fit. After this photo I sewed on his belly and a few more pieces and then called it a night.

Also, I thought you guys might want to see the progress of my lil' nugget owls...

Cut out, Sewed and stuffed buddy, completed owl, and bottle cap to show size

One more photo for the day

For my lookbook fashion blog

Finally! Some nice weather for a change :) Have a lovely Monday everyone!



P.S. Mark and I came up with a brand name for my animals and flowers. Piper's Posies and Piper's Pets. Logos to come soon...

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