Saturday, May 5, 2012

The past few days/nights have blended together. Lack of sleep, due to excitement, has kept me and my room mate Naz awake into the wee hours of the morning. We have accomplished a lot at the warehouse in the past couple of days! Here is a pictorial of what we did today in our bedroom.

First...I made some paper flowers out of old player piano sheet music

I settled on making three and then Naz helped me make some more when he came by later in the evening to help with flooring and the art installation piece we did in the bedroom

This is the first thing you see when you climb up the old rickety ladder to the loft bedroom. Mark, (surrogate father/landlord) showed me how to use the band saw the other day and we cut out this heart and spray painted it gold and added a pair of deer antlers to it.

Now here is the before photo of the other wall of the bedroom. I finished this all in about 5 hours with the help of Naz later in the evening...

Brown packaging paper/cardboard box for the tree limbs

Painted some tiny branches/twigs on the limbs

Naz and I had a system down. He put glue on the leaves and I stuck them on the wall

Added the paper flowers

Last step, add one dead butterfly (found that way, no animals were harmed) 

And there you go...

It was a very productive day. Tomorrow is moving day...not as exciting. More photos of the rest of the space to come soon.


Naz and Pesha

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