Saturday, May 19, 2012

So, unfortunately there was a miss communication  on my part when I started making the Elephant for Shannon and she wants me to make a smaller one for her. No worries! Once I get the wedding flowers finished, I will make a new one. If anyone is interested in purchasing Ellie the Elephant you can go to Valeri and I's Etsy shop. Here is the link 

Here are some progress photos on the wedding flowers for Adam and Ashley. Thanks to Valeri...we made some pretty good headway today.

Patterns drawn out for petals and getting ready to cut them out. The paper we are using is from an old bible that is falling apart from the year 1880.

Valeri cutting out the petals.

We made about 17. Got quite a bit more to go...

Until tomorrow...


Pesha xo

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  1. those flowers look so beautiful, what a creative idea :)