Friday, May 11, 2012

Yesterday was very productive. Besides an interrupted nap, it was a great day. It was beautiful outside and I got a very big chunk of the elephant for Eli and Shannon done. 

Also, here is a pic of one of the other owls I have been procrastinating on. This little guy is almost done. He is for my Auntie Monica. (proof that he does exist)

He just needs his eyes, some feet, and a few accessories and then he is done.

And now for Eli's Elephant

Cut out the hand drawn pattern

Hand sewn...the whole elephant

Looks like I murdered a Smurf. The outline of the pattern rubbed off on my fingers while I was sewing.

This is the elephant all sewed up and stuffed. He looks pretty plain and ugly at the moment but, he will look more like an elephant soon, once I add all of his parts and skin. (that sounded a bit morbid...)

Naz should be moving in tonight. I am excited. I have more work to do so, I will write some more tomorrow.


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